Suicide Safe Care

Capital Area Counseling’s implementation of Suicide Safe Care aims to significantly reduce the number of suicides within our local healthcare systems. Suicide does not have to be something that “just happens”. There are multiple opportunities to intervene. No longer should mental health be something that is hushed or hidden. When openly discussed and addressed effectively, mental illness and addiction, including suicide, can be successfully managed one person at a time.

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Family-Based Services

CACS family based services are individualized, strength based, needs-driven. Interagency cooperation is an integral part of the family based services. Family based staff partner with families so that all services are developed cooperatively and are coordinated. The coordinated team shares responsibility, expertise, and mutual support while designing creative services that meet an individual’s strengths and needs across home and community.

Therapeutic Foster Care

Therapeutic Foster Care is a family foster home based treatment program. TFC parents provide nurturing basic day-to-day care for a foster child in a safe environment, but treatment foster parents are also expected to provide extra time and effort to help a child meet their emotional and behavioral needs. The TFC clinical specialist and treatment parents partner with a treatment team including: the child’s therapist, school, medical providers, guardian agency and any others providing services to that child. The goal of the TFC Program is to address the causes of a child’s emotional problems and help them to change their behavior allowing the child to live a more functional life in a family, school and community.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services

The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program is a comprehensive, person-centered, recovery focused integrated system which provides individual treatment, rehabilitation, and support services to identified consumers with severe and persistent mental illness also including those with co-occurring conditions. Our program serves individuals 18 years of age and older. The Recovery vision is one of welcoming, empathic, hope, and optimism.


Outpatient therapy

This is therapy that is provided to our clients on a one on one basis in an office setting. Our Outpatient therapist have a master's degree or higher and are licensed or working toward lincensure. Several of them specialize in a current area which they have received extensive training in (trauma- focus cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy etc). Two of our clinicians are licensed in both the field of mental health and addiction.


The IMPACT program is a comprehensive, person-centered; recovery focused integrated system of care which provides treatment, rehabilitation, and support services to identified clients with serious mental illness, those who require the most intensive services. The IMPACT Program serves clients who have historically been unsuccessful in community settings and who have had frequent psychiatric hospitalization. The IMPACT Program is aimed at helping people with serious mental illness experience the hope of recovery, live successfully in the community and reduce the need for repeated or prolonged psychiatric hospitalization.

Emergency Services

CACS on-call clinicians are available around the clock for individuals in emotional crisis. For more information on Suicide Prevention contact Julie Moore at the Avera St. Mary’s Foundation. Speak confidentially with a trained person at the National Lifeline 800-273-TALK (8255) or Text “Start” to 741741. Call 911 immediately for any life-threatening situations.

Retaining Your Employees

This service is offered to area employers upon request. Many employers find it difficult to hire capable workers due to our low unemployment rate, so it is vital that employers go the extra mile to maintain the employees they currently have. It is also costly to recruit, hire and train new employees. The goal of Employee Assistance Services (EAS) is to assist employers in reducing turnover and maintaining a productive workforce. Problem areas to be addressed could include but not limited to: Workplace, Family, Relationships, Parenting, Substance Use, Grief and Loss, Emotional or Physical Abuse, Anxiety and Depression. Services may consist of problem assessment, education, information, referral and brief therapy. Services will primarily be in person with some telephonic follow up when warranted. Services will be limited to a maximum of five (5) sessions. Discounts are available to Pierre Area Chamber of Commerce members.

Addiction Services

All individuals and families with substance addictions and/or mental health issues are welcomed for care. In all addiction services, individuals and families will be helped to use their strengths to address all their issues in order to achieve their goals. Services include:


Central South Dakota Teen Court 

This is a legally binding Court and Teen Court is a diversion program offered to youth offenders as an alternative to the juvenile justice system. Participants are represented and sentenced by peers, who have previously completed the program, as well as other trained teen volunteers.