The Plan

This study was conducted by Paul J. Strawhecker Inc.

Building Better Tomorrows

The projected cost of the new facility for CACS is $4 million, including construction costs, furnishings and equipment. CACS is asking for philanthropic support of the project from the community it will serve through the “Building Better Tomorrows” campaign.

Your gift will be essential in creating a new facility that will lift people in our region out of the darkness of addiction and mental health crisis to safety, healing and support.

Donations to the “Building Better Tomorrows” campaign may include gifts of:
Cash - Retirement fund assets - Securities l Real estate - Life insurance - Commodities - Charitable trusts - Bequests

Capital Area Counseling Service, Inc. is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) corporation. All gifts are tax deductible in accordance with federal and South Dakota state laws. Naming opportunities are available.

The new facility will provide improved access to outpatient mental health and addiction treatment; offer a healthy, rewarding workplace for those seeking careers in our region; and create additional jobs in the area. It will advance CACS’ vision and enhance the quality of life for central South Dakota residents for years to come.

A New Outpatient Treatment Facility

To ensure efficient delivery of services for clients and staff, CACS seeks to construct a new, 24,000 sq. ft. outpatient mental health and addiction treatment facility. This facility will be located on an approximately three-acre site in the northeast section of Pierre, close to the new Kennedy Elementary School, on shovel-ready land CACS already owns. It will:

  • Provide more convenient access to services for clients and their families
  • Allow CACS clinical staff to easily communicate with each other regarding clients, improving operations for staff and the client experience
  • Increase CAC’s capacity to serve people locally through expanded telepsychiatry services
  • Enhance CAC’s ability to successfully attract and retain clinicians and staff
  • Contribute to the health and well-being of the region overall

Ultimately, the facility will provide a modern, therapeutic environment for clients, their families and care providers to interact. Historically, there has been significant stigma attached to mental health and addiction services and to the people who receive them. CACS believes it is vital for clients, who may be apprehensive about receiving services, to be reassured by a professional office environment that is welcoming and comfortable.

Opportunity Gift to “Building Better Tomorrows”

Capital Area Counseling Services’ new facility presents a number of opportunities for donors like you to show your support of CACS and the services it provides. Your gift, and the associated naming opportunity, will serve as tangible reminders of your dedication to Capital Area Counseling Services’ Mission, “Build Better Tomorrows.”

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