Corporate Identity

Here’s a look at how Capital Area Counseling Service developed a working Mission Statement and a complete Corporate Identity.

Capital Area Counseling Service has invested much time and effort studying the work of Jim Collins - an internationally renowned business researcher, author and consultant. Collins believes every great company deeply understands three key concepts for success:

P – What Are We Passionate About?
B – What Can We Be “Best In The World” At?
E – What Drives Our Economic Engine?

Collin’s research states that at the center of these key concepts, you find the Hedgehog Concept to unlock a company’s greatness. The CACS Hedgehog Concept (mission statement) was finalized in 2013 and is based solely on Jim Collin’s Hedgehog Concept – one simple crystalline concept with a ping of truth.
HH – The Right People Efficiently Providing Human Services To Those Who Need Them

CACS has wellness at it’s core. Highlighted by hope, strength and balance, the creative process of the logo began with three overlapping circles. Once the outer curves of the circles were removed, a powerful graphic-icon emerged. This bud-like shape represents the internal growth at CACS, starting from within and moving outward.

Even the circular typeface reflects life’s revolving journey and our constant renewal. To our Board and Staff, this new logo demonstrates our company’s transformation. It is our road map for the future and will serve as a constant reminder in helping individuals and communities “build better tomorrows.”